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When I was at high school, some probably well-meaning bod in the careers department had replaced targeted, human advice about what line of work to pursue with a steely cold computer quiz.

After answering a few questions about your personality traits, the machine would give you incongruous and often patronising employment suggestions, which usually suggested you took on – as found by Brian in Channel 4’s series Teachers – a profession better found in 80s band The Village People.

City & Guilds have launched a Facebook application aimed at young people along similar lines today, which aims to ‘tempt people to train’. The Perfect Job Facebook application offers users the chance to complete a multiple choice quiz that points you towards which creative industries you’d be suited to and then – the part that makes it substantially more useful than my high school experience – allows you to click through to relevant information and videos of people in that sector that have hit the big time.

Although the app, which can be found here, will probably not exactly match young people with their perfect careers, it will hopefully go a long way to encourage young people to research the wealth of roles within, and routes into, the creative industries. And with the popularity of Facebook quizzes among 14-19-year-olds ever on the increase, it’s a good way to sneak careers advice into often closed ears.

If you’ve got a spare five minutes today, have a go at the quiz and let us know know how accurate the results are.

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  • Mabel Forsyth November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This looks really useful.( I’d love to test it out- pass it on etc)My daughter is leaving school next summer and has no clue what she’d like to do. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to try the application-
    searched google too-
    maybe I’m missing it somewhere- apologies if so, but could you publish/email me the link?
    Many thanks, and really interesting post.
    pinkpig illustration

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