P&W packages Burnt Sugar

P&W Design Consultants has created new packaging for fudge brand Burnt Sugar, to help the company target national retailers.

The consultancy was appointed directly in April this year and asked to redesign packaging so the client could ‘extrapolate brand values’ and ‘stand out in the gifting market’, says P&W founding partner Adrian Whitefoord.

‘We wanted to justify its premium position, move away from any Celebrations or Quality Street look and avoid a glitzy foil Ferrero Rocher look,’ Whitefoord says.

The growth of home entertainment and consumer interest in nostalgic and comfort treats has been another driver for the redesign.

P&W has responded with a cube-shaped package composed of uncoated cardboard which Whitefoord says conveys a ‘homemade personal touch’.

An existing identity was tweaked for the packaging which will be evolved into different seasonal variants. Easter designs are under development which will comprise an egg and the fudge cube pack in one larger container.

Rolling out in Waitrose and WH Smith next month, other stores are also understood to be targeted by the brand, which is part-owned by co-founders Justine and Colin Cather and distributors Petty Wood and Co.

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