Speed creating

One of our favourite things from the London Design Festival this year was the abundance of fun and innovative ideas, especially at events off the beaten track such as at the Anti Design Festival. Although the products didn’t always look fantastically polished, it was exciting to see designers solving problems in an experimental and often humorous way.

One such project was Dominic Wilcox’s Speed Creating Project, which saw Wilcox create a thing a day for 30 days. The items were objects, installations or creative interventions made while Wilcox was going about his daily life – so on the train, in the studio or at home.

The first fruits of the project were on display at ADF, but Wilcox got in touch to share a few more of his creations now the 30 days are up. Here are a few of our favourites.

An extended door stop
Day 25: An extended door stop, which shows the stretch of the stop by adding a decorative extension which does not touch the floor.

Bread vases
Day 26: Bread vases, which have been varnished to retain water

Day 27 a pencil shelf
Day 27: a shelf made by gluing two rows of pencils together without any other support

Day 28: Balloon lights
Day 28: A light installation made from balloons and socks

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