Design Council agrees partnership with Government of South Australia

The Design Council has announced an internationally endorsed Design Review partnership with the Government of South Australia’s main design body. 

A partnership has been forged with the Integrated Design Commission of South Australia – an organisation which stands to recognise the role of design in improving quality of life and stimulating economic growth.

Design Review is the process by which – in the UK – the Design Council endorses regional and national design and architecture projects, as a mark of quality.

The agreement with IDCSA means that the Design Council is looking to export its review system and endorse international design bodies.

A Design Council spokesman says ‘there are active discussions with other countries and regions.’

The Design Council is currently training IDCSA staff and panel members and developing Design Review guidelines.

Chief executive of the Design Council David Kester says, ‘Design crosses boundaries and borders and good for the creative force that turns new ideas for a better world into reality. This new partnership between the Design Council and the government of South Australia will spread the many benefits of good design to communities and improve our everyday lives ’

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