Designs sought for urban beehives

An international competition is being launched seeking designs for urban beehives, bird-boxes and planters.


The Architecture Foundation is running the competition on behalf of Inmidtown, the business improvement district for central London that covers the areas of Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles.

The hunt for an urban beehive design is part of Inmidtown’s Urban Buzz project, which provides free beehives and bee-keeping training.

The AF says, ‘Although beehives exist whose designs have stood the test of time for bees and beekeepers alike, these hives are not in-fact ideal when relocated from the traditional rural context into urban areas.’

Sarah Ichioka, director of the Architecture Foundation, says, ‘This competition offers people the chance to produce innovative designs that set a new standard for welcoming nature into the city.’

She adds, ‘The client’s commitment to produce the resultant bee-hives, bird-boxes and planters in volume makes the opportunity particularly appealing.’

The deadline for submissions is 28 November and the brief is available to download at

Designs will be judged by a panel including architect and designer Nigel Coates and urban bird expert David Lindo.

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