Dunning Penney Jones to work on UK launch of broadcaster PBS

Dunning Penney Jones has been appointed to create the on-air identity for American television channel PBS’s UK launch.


The consultancy, which was appointed on credentials, has been briefed to develop branding elements to help translate the brand to better relate to a UK audience – aiming to highlight the channel’s ‘high-quality, in-depth and impartial content.’

Many of the on-screen presentation elements from the US channel will be retained, though some key elements are being re-designed for the UK launch.

Four colour ways are used to denote the four key programming strands – orange denotes story programmes; blue is used for cultural affairs; green for science and pink for arts, culture and entertainment.

The colour palette will also be reflected in the channel’s online presence and in off-air marketing materials.

Richard Kingsbury, PBS UK general manager, says, ‘We’ve selected DPJ because they really understand the TV market here and are developing some really exciting and unique identity work which I can’t wait to unveil just before we launch on 1 November.’

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