Hair apparent

The moustache, that most maligned piece of facial hair, has been making something of a resurgence recently and is likely to be inescapable next month as Movember (a charity moustache-growing movement in the month of November) kicks off.


Those looking for an early ‘tache fix should pick up a copy of new book The Inspirational Moustache, edited by Cigalle Hanaor, which provides a light-hearted look at the history of the moustache, as well as tips on how to grow (and fake) your own.


The book also looks at how the humble moustache has influenced contemporary design, with examples such as Tatty Devine’s moustache necklace and Jennifer Mortenson’s moustache salt and pepper shakers.

Moustache Shakers

Moustache Shakers

With design by April, the book features illustrations of different ‘tache types, a guide to knitting your own mo, and street photography of some finely-moustachioed fellows.



The Inspirational Moustache, edited by Cigalle Hanaor, is published by Cicada Books priced at £5.99

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