Internet Week

The internet, omniscient and omnipresent God of the modern age, normally existing in the ether and the minds of believers, will be coming to London next week.

Internet Week, now in its second year will celebrate the online industry and community through a festival of activity across 200 events put on by the likes of Yahoo,  Google, Linked In, and the BBC.

last year's Internet Week
last year’s Internet Week

Several of the events are regular gigs swallowed up by the festival, which has invited them to get involved under the Internet Week banner.

Ignite London has done this, bringing its format of presenters talking across 20 slides in five minute presentations.

the 2010 Webby debate
the 2010 Webby debate

Speakers include Dr Chris Lintott talking about the development of citizen science projects and John Wills who is billed to discuss ‘multiple choices, multiple endings: ow small choices can shape a digital world.’ He’ll ask questions including ‘Ever wondered how Nintendo helped form one of its biggest rivals?’

Also look out for Digital Archeology which mines for historically important websites from the genesis of the internet.

the paywall debate, 2010
the paywall debate, 2010

Meanwhile in Parliament, a discussion will be held to discuss whether MPs and Lords should use social media and if so under what kind of parameters.

William Turner's speech from 2010
William Turner’s speech from 2010

Internet Week will end the festival with an awards ceremony for its Lovie Awards, a sister award of the established Webbies, in the US.

There are 75 categories covering websites, mobile and apps, online advertising, and internet video. Winners include Skype, Soundcloud, Vice UK, History Pin and ASOS.

Internet Week takes place across multiple venues in London between 7-11 November. For more information go to

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