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Vessel Gallery and the Arts Council-supported Contemporary Glass Society have collaborated to present a collection of new works from glass artists, aiming to raise the profile of the craft.

Evil Eyes
Evil Eyes 2011 by George Papadopoulos

Angel Monzon, who curated the show at the Vessel Gallery, says, ‘One of the aims is to help craft artists to develop or progress from the small scale of working they’re accustomed to. Another aim is to get people who make vases or bowls to use their skills for more architectural applications, like walls and screens.

‘We want to position craft more into the design world and raise the profile of the highly skilled glass artists who sometimes operate in a very traditional world.’

Kate Maestri Vessel
Kate Maestri, Untitled 2011

From 47 applications, 15 artists were chosen to create a bespoke work for the show, with no brief other than the  Living With Glass title.

Nisma small
Breeze, 2011 (Nismah), by Nour El Huda Awad

The artists include Amanda J Simmons, Anthony Harris, Cathryn Shilling, Denise MT Basso, Frances Federer, George Papadopoulous, Hanne Enemark, Haether Gillespie, Jane Dorner, Kate Maestri, Nour El Huda Awad, Scott Benefield, Simon Moore, Stuart Akroyd, Vanessa Cutler.

Rope Grown
Rope Grown2011 by Heather Gillespie

Monzon adds, ‘It’s very, very diverse work. There’s a lot of blues and turquoise, but when I made the selection I never looked as to whether the artist was young or old; established or non-established. There are twenty-somethings to people in their 60s – very established people and some new ones. It just had to professional and fresh.’

Simon Moore, Untitled 2011
Simon Moore, Untitled 2011

Living with Glass runs until 29 October at the Vessel Gallery, 114 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2PW

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