News Analysis – Highlights from The British Invention Show

The British Invention Show, which kicks off today in London, is a beguiling mix of the serious, the potentially life-changing and the novelty.


Covering systems design, material innovation and product design, innovations going on show range from a horticultral system which promises to aid food production in the developing world to a mop with a microphone attached that will allow you to ‘croon along with all your favourite hits while mopping the floor’.


The 11th British Invention show runs at Old Spitalfields Market until 22 October and has attracted delegates from around the world. Representatives from the Intellectual Property Office will be on-hand to offer patent advice and there will also be a series of awards for British and international inventions and innovations of the year.

System design innovations launching at the show include Boundless Horizons’ scheme to bring food independence to the developing world using a ‘mobile seed germination and seedling plant factory’ while material innovations include the development of concretes and polymers which aim to be more environmentally friendly.

In the product design field, osteopath Simon Freedman has developed the Freedman Chair, which aims to replicate the spine’s natural standing curves while in the seating position. The chair uses a contoured seat-pad and back-balls to take pressure off the back muscles without providing lumbar support.


i No

Marion Barling has developed what she claims is the world’s first patented biometric wallet. The i-no wallet is a credit-card holder which will only operate on recognition of the owner’s fingerprint.

The more bonkers end of the product design spectrum is dominated by the Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona, which is exhibiting a series of designs from Pep Torres, including the above-mentioned Mop Star microphone-mop, which is one of the exhibits in the museum’s Corner of the Absurd installation of ‘useless and absurd articles’.


Other weird and futuristic Pep Torres inventions include the Mumless Clinic concept, to allow pregnancy to take place in a clinic ouside the mother’s womb, and the Plantomatic, a plant pot which moves around on its own in search of the sun.

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  • Arnold November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Can we show off the New Rolley Revolution?

  • oliver boyce November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i was a at the show last year with my jollies recycled tyre speakers,gold medal winner video on youtube under tyre speakers.ollie

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