Plan B Studio brands patent attorney Secerna

Plan B Studio has designed the identity and website for Secerna, a new firm of patent attorneys.


The consultancy was appointed in May this year without a pitch following a recommendation from a previous client.

Steve Price, Plan B creative director, says, ‘We had to strike a balance between looking like a new, modern firm but referencing the tradition – it’s a very old industry.’

The logo uses a blue and red colour palette and a sword graphic to reference the tradition of the industry.

Price says, ‘They work a lot in Asia, in particular Korea, so the colours are an acknowledgement that a lot of Korean clients feel respect for everything British, so it’s adhering to the Union Jack colours but a bit more modern.’

The identity will be shown across stationery including business cards letterheads and compliment slips. Plan B is also currently designing the firm’s brochure, which will be in an A5 wallet format to allow the inserts to be easily updated.

The website has been designed to allow viewers to access it easily on a number of different platforms including the iPad a, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

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