Start Judge Gill works up new Virgin Media identity

Start Judge Gill has designed a new identity for Virgin Media incorporating the Union flag, which is set to launch at the weekend.


The new identity will first be seen on ads for Virgin Media’s TiVo television service at the weekend before a roll out across marketing communications.

Senior account director at Start Judge Gill, Kalleen Knowles says using the Union flag ‘is the most appropriate way of further connecting Virgin with Britain.’

The ‘lighting effect’ of the infinity ring has also been changed from ‘fibre-optic yellow to an electric blue’ to strengthen this connection, she says.

‘This [the identity] can live in a very live form be it online or on TV,’ adds Knowles.

Virgin Media’s executive director of brand and marketing communications says, ‘With Britain celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee and hosting the Olympic games next year we believe there is no better time to show our pride and excitement about what it means to be British.’

A Virgin Media spokeswoman says, ‘A roll-out across our marketing communications’ is planned for 2012 and that based on its success, the company may keep the new identity going forward. 

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