The Allotment creates new brand for agent Valerie Hoskins Associates

The Allotment has branded television and film writer agency Valerie Hoskins Associates, and designed its website around the proposition Words into Action. 


Appointed in June, the consultancy was approached directly by company founder Valerie Hoskins who says, ‘We didn’t have a designed brand before and most people in my business have boring, difficult to use websites, so we wanted something provocative, inviting, intriguing and simple’

The consultancy’s solution is a ‘clapper-book’ identity which is a visual clue for the Words into Action positioning – indicating that writers ‘celebrate their talent and close relationship with the team at VHA,’ according to The Allotment.


A suite of stationary has been made  using quotes from the writers ‘to convey the strong personality of the VHA team’ says the consultancy, which has used letterpress printing to execute the print design. 

The website has been developed, led by the look seen in the offline brand. It is also embellished with quotes from the writers represented by Valerie Hoskins Associates. Print communications roll out this week and the website is now live.

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