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We’re feeling especially positive on the Design Week news desk this week, so it’s a bumper edition of our round-up of things we like.

Just Not Cricket!


Just like its home city of Berlin, the visual identity for the Just Not Cricket! festival of British improvised music is exceptionally cool.

Delightful, bizarre still-life set-ups of DIY materials see the spirit level re-imagined as a piano; a fire extinguisher signifying vocals; and a bucket and brush aptly standing in for percussion.

JKR’s Guess What Packaging Blog

JKR’s blog is fast become a regular feature on Design Week’s round ups of nice things , and this time they’ve created another super post. Inpsired by a Mona Lisa reconfigured in only colours, iconic brand packaging is reduced to circles of colour for a fun game of branding Guess Who? Cue a good 20 minutes of rolling back and forth on an office chair, squinting and frowning, while ‘looking busy’ at work.

Prints in Dalston


Now that the weather’s turned grey and freezing, there’ll be no more loafing about in parks in ill-advised shorts this weekend. Instead of bemoaning this in the pub, why not spend your Saturday with a much more productive activity – printmaking. The People of Printmaking Live Printmaking Worshop is free, thanks to the good people behind the No-Way artists agency.

Woodfalls Film Artwork

Bloody mouth

Illustrator Middle Boop has created the promo images for Woodfalls – ‘an exploitation thriller set in rural England’ which is currently trying to get off the ground. Making something of  a departure from his usual style , we love the disturbing aesthetic and sense of unsease and nostalgia.

Here’s the promo video featuring some  earnest youngsters explaining the movie and asking for your cash.

You can visit the film’s Kick Starter page here


Steve Jobs charity print

Illustrator Ben Steers of Fiasco Design has created a print tribute to the late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, which he is selling with all proceeds going directly to the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK.

You can grab one here

Your Time is Limited, by Ben Steers
Your Time is Limited, by Ben Steers

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