Beauties, Brutes and Other Characters

Among the achievements in the varied and illustrious career of American photojournalist J.R Eyerman is the development of a camera enclosure, enabling him to take photographs deep under water.

He also worked to create a type of photodetector to capture the 1952 atomic bomb test at Yucca Flat, Nevada.

However, away from these risky endeavours, Eyerman made his name snapping the bright and beautiful for Life Magazine, creating a series of iconic images that depict some of Hollywood’s most famous darlings of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

From next month, a number of these images, taken from Eyerman’s personal collection, are to go on show at east London’s Daniel Blau gallery in an exhibition entitled Beauties, Brutes and Other Characters.

Highlights include this wonderful image of Alfred Hitchcock, seemingly waving at some birds:

Tipi Hedren and Hitchcock

Source: © J.R. Eyerman – TIME & LIFE Pictures/Getty Images

Tipi Hedren and Hitchcock

The east London show will run concurrently with an exhibition of Eyerman’s work in Paris, which shows a series of 1950s photographs of actress Kim Novak.

Beauties, Brutes and Other Characters runs from 9 November – 7 December at Daniel Blau Gallery, 51 Hoxton Square, London N1

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