FHK Henrion – The Complete Designer

German-born designer FHK Henrion’s most enduring legacy is his identity work, having been responsible for creating the Tate+Lyle, KLM, Blue Circle Cement and LEB logos among others.

FHK Henrion

A new book written by Adrian Shaughnessy and designed by Tony Brook finds Henrion to be a key figure in branding and identity development.

FHK Henrion

Unit Editions, the publishing arm of Shaughnessy and Brook’s consultancy Spin says, ‘In the 1960s Henrion became the founding father of modern corporate identity in Europe.’

FHK Henrion

FHK Henrion’s career took him from trainee textile designer, to celebrated poster artist and eventually jewellery designer.

FHK Henrion

Born in Germany he became a British citizen after WWII and went on to design publications, exhibitions, household products, interiors and jewelry.

FHK Henrion

An educator and a spokesman for the profession, he also published books, wrote articles and lectured.

FHK Henrion

Unit Editions says, ‘He was also a designer with a social conscience, and a designer who rebelled against the over-commercialisation of the design profession in the 1980s.’

FHK Henrion

Despite this illustrious career, Unit Editions claims this is the first comprehensive monograph of the work of FHK Henrion.

FHK Henrion

In the book there’s a chance to see examples of his early experiments distilled in pre-war poster art and the identities he created.

FHK Henrion: The Complete Designer is published by Unit Editions, edited by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy and designed by Spin, and priced £65

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  • James Webb November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    ACC Design FHK Henrion published in 2011, with the help of Henrion’s widow Marion, contains much of the same material at a far more accessible £12.50.

  • Adrian Shaughnessy November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The ACC Design book is well worth owning, but only contains a fraction of the material contained in our book, which was also compiled with the help of Marion Wesel-Henrion and the Design Archives at the University of Brighton.

  • rezia wahid November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am


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