Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing

The rise and rise of hand-made printing techniques, or rather their resurgence, is no secret.

Low-Tech Print

What this new Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing book does very well though is get a handle on the subject and present its greatest exponents in the context of print history.

In Focus sections profile practitioners like Lambe-Lambe, the handmade letterpress printers of of Sau Paulo’s Grafica Fidalga studio, and cult printing techniques such as Gocco – which is big in Japan – and Chicha, which is popular in Peru.

Low-Tech Print

Familiar names like James Brown, John C Thurbin, and Paul Catherall also feature.

Tools and techniques are explained and there are chapters devoted to screenprinting, letterpress, relief printing and other processes.

Low-Tech Print

Within each chapter the book bounds around the world, and part of its joy is found in reading the stories of practices on opposite sides of the planet and seeing how the same techniques can lead to a huge array of results and applications.

Low-Tech Print

It’s written by Caspar Williamson, himself a designer, illustrator and print-maker who has also lectured and run workshops on the subject.

Low-Tech Print

Studio Aparte of Barcelona has designed the book, and Pentagram designer Rhian Edwards – who works under Angus Hyland, creative director to Laurence King – has designed the embossed cover. 

Low-Tech Print

Low Tech Print: Contemporary Hand Made Printing is written by Caspar Williamson and published by Laurence King, priced £19.95

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  • Jock Williamson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Great review of this lovely book but shame they they could not spell the author’s name correctly!

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