Marketing Director for Nature

Concerned by his children’s complete immersal in the world of brands and digital technology, and the ignorance of the world outside their windows, film-maker David Bond took it upon himself to ‘brand’ nature.

Bond considers the power of brands
Bond considers the power of brands

For upcoming film Project Wild Thing, Bond appointed himself Marketing Director for Nature, and set about developing a brand, identity and campaign for his ‘product’.

Bond’s aim was to create a brand for nature that would compete with the commercial brands that dominate his children’s attention.

Branding nature
Branding nature

The film sees Bond working with branding guru Michael Wolff and neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield, as well as naturalist Chris Packham and environmentalist George Monbiot.

Bond also worked with consultancy Purpose, which was tasked to develop a branding position for nature – identifying target audiences and assessing the competition.

 Project Wild is released in the UK on 25 October.


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