McBess teaches the art of courtesy

Courtesy on public transport is all-to-often forgotten as hapless individuals thinking about number one fall over each other in an endless game of musical chairs that nobody truly wins.


M&C Saatchi has turned to the illustrative talents of McBess and the wit of a group of poets, who will be resident at nine tube stations on National Poetry Day, (3 October) in a bid to help us change our ways.

McBess has created a Travel Better London campaign identity and illustrated a set of posters in his signature style, with copy written by M&C Saatchi.

To really hammer the message home, the poets will be using station whiteboards and official Underground busking spots.


There’s already quite a lot of activity on this tumblr and TfL social channels are trying to give a voice to #TravelBetterLondon.

McBess’ work is not yet done though. Visitors to the Tumblr can pen their own poem for the chance to see it on a McBess illustrated poster, which will appear across the TfL network.

While the big Travel Better London push is on 3 October, other activity has already begun and will continue until 4 October.

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