Stereo works with BBC on Playlister look

Stereo has designed the brand experience of the BBC’s new digital music product Playlister and has worked with the broadcaster on the look and feel of the service.

BBC Playlister identity by Stereo

The beta Playlister is sitting on the main BBC website and can be found at:

By Stereo

It allows users with accounts to add tracks, discover new music and export playlists to streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer. The BBC doesn’t own any song rights, so the playlist has to be exported.

By Stereo

An ‘add to Playlister’ button will appear across BBC products, encouraging users to identify and save tracks that they have heard anywhere across the BBC.

The service has been developed in-house by the BBC, and Stereo says it has worked with the broadcaster on the brand experience, the launch campaign, and a series of digital spots and films, along with the online experience, presence and content.

By Stereo

Matthew Simpson, creative director and partner at Stereo, says that the consultancy was given some elements of the logo to work with.

‘They asked us to develop it further, centralising the pulses, introducing the aura cloud and creating the guidelines – the rest was created by us with creative direction from the BBC.’

Stereo has also made a series of content films including one on how the service will expand to feature DJ-controlled playlists.

Poke has been working on social media for Playlister.

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