Warp Records releases Universal Everything & You

Warp Records’ latest release is a recorded version of Universal Everything & You, a dazzling audio-visual exhibition currently running at The Science Museum’s new Media Space.

Universal Everything and You

The exhibition is a digital installation of two artworks by Universal Everything.

Universal Everything and You

One, 1000 Hands, is made up of public contributions submitted through an iPhone app.

The other, Presence, is a collaboration with the LA Dance Project and shows motion-captured performances of dancers, which evolve to form ‘digital costumes’ where the form of the dancer takes on, for example, glowing feathers or sculptural trails.

Universal Everything and You

Matt Pyke of Universal Everything has designed the Warp release, which is a 180g vinyl pressing, screen-printed on one side, including one of four prints from the Presence exhibit.

Universal Everything and You

On the record itself is a 20-minute recording by Brighton based musician and sound artist Simon Pyke of Universal Everything.

Universal Everything & You, Soundtrack by Simon Pyke is available exclusively through the shop at Media Space and through Bleep.com both physically and digitally.

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