What is the most treasured object in your studio?

What is the most treasured object in your studio?

Gareth Howat

‘I find it hard to choose one, as we have so many great things in the studio that remind me of different projects. Probably my favourite is a block of stone which has hand-carved typography by the lettering artist Gary Breeze, which was commissioned for a project we are working on. It is absolutely stunning and I can’t get over the skill and the craft that has gone into it. It’s also probably the heaviest object in the studio.’

Gareth Howat, creative director, Hat-Trick Design

Adam Giles

‘The object I really treasure is a small, crumpled piece of paper which we’ve framed and hung. Its our first pay cheque, which we received when we won our first pitch. The sum on the cheque isn’t what I treasure, its what it represents. The leap from being two friends giving it a go, to a going concern. The confidence that comes with wining a job. Its also a reminder of how far we’ve come: the cheque was for the Cardboard Citizens annual review and we’ve just completed work on our fourth.’

Adam Giles, co-founder, Interabang

Ben Christie

‘Our studio quote book represents an alternative account of the life and times inside the studio walls. A snapshot of the journey we’ve made, and the personalities that have helped us along the way. Inside the pages, emotions are heightened, tones are often lowered. It’s a creative outlet, a chance to share successes, and a go-to source for a guaranteed studio smile when light relief is needed. After all, a happy work place keeps creative minds healthy.’

Ben Christie, creative partner, Magpie Studio

Andrew Moore

‘Our most treasured item in the studio is our big roll of Brown paper. It weighs a ton and we love drawing on it. Even though the things we make mostly end up on screen, our starting point is always the roll. When we’re designing around complex interactions and experiences we start at one end and don’t stop until we’ve thought of everything at the other. When wall space finishes, the brown paper keeps on rolling. It moves around the studio, it travels with us to client workshops, it’s even been through customs a couple of times. Whether it’s making prototypes, storyboards, models, illustrations, mock-ups, experience blueprints – we always flush everything out on our beloved roll.’

Andrew Moore, interaction design director, Someone/Else

Sarah Hyndman

‘These days I’m used to working pretty much anywhere and will always have a sketchbook and my drop-proof Lacie drive with me. However in my studio the most treasured thing is actually the space and not the objects. It’s a big, bright space which regularly gets cleared back to plain white walls and wooden floor ready for whatever’s happening next.’

Sarah Hyndman, creative director, With Relish, and founder Type Tasting

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  • Patrick Baglee November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I once asked Alan Fletcher the same question. ‘My head’, he said.

  • Robert Reid November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    While not so much an “object”, the office cat, Jackson. He greets guests at the door, joins in on meetings (often laying on the drawing laid on the conference table..perhaps to keep them from blowing away?), will randomly grab a nap beside a member of the studio, and generally provides levity and sense of calmness. Everything else consists of tools-of-the-trade and stuff…Jackson makes sure that we remain grounded.

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