Brandopus overhauls Twinings black tea range

Brandopus has redesigned Twinings entire black tea range, which is looking to reach “a new generation of tea lovers”.

Twinings by Brandopus

There are 22 blended teas in the black tea category and the consultancy, which has worked with Twinings for six years, says it has focused on quality and taste, creating packaging that will be “more approachable and relevant” to a younger generation.

Brandopus partner Avril Tooley says: “Coffee has been growing year-on-year and changed the way people are drinking, so there is a real opportunity in tea to reinvent.

“Twinings has been working on new innovation and flavours and it was up to us to make the overall portfolio easier to navigate.”

Twinings by Brandopus

A central lozenge has been introduced to the pack, which replicates the form of the identity and provides a box tips, tasting notes and key information.

A brighter colour palette, organic shapes and illustrations have designed to “surprise and delight” and give a sense of movement, says Brandopus.

Twinings by Brandopus

The Origins range features illustrations reflecting the origin of each blend, taking in scenes including Kenyan safari planes and an Indian festival.

The outside and inside of the carton, the bag envelope and the tag on the tea bag all continue this narrative.

Illustrations have been created in house and Tooley says: “We worked with Twinings and their tasters and buyers – who are the same people – to understand where teas come from.”

Twinings by Brandopus

The Origins teas have also been renamed and include: Pure Ceylon, which was Ceylon; Spicy Chai, which was Chai; Golden Darjeeling, which was Darjeeling; and Smokey Lapsang, which was Lapsang Souchong.

Loose Leaf and Loose Leaf Pyramid ranges come in a new resealable pouch and feature a design showing a “fluid movement” designed to imitate the process and aroma of brewing.

Twinings by Brandopus

A roll out will begin at the end of the month. Origins relaunches with a range of six blends, including Bold Kenyan and Moroccan Mint, and The Loose Leaf range launches with 13 mesh pyramid bags and 3 loose pouches.

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