Discovering Scarfolk

Since early 2013, writer and graphic artist Richard Littler has occupied the post of Mayor of Scarfolk, a corner of the internet perpetually stuck in the 1970s.

The Scarfolk created by Littler is a queasy, unsettling provincial place – aspects of which will be familiar to many British 40-somethings.

This is the 1970s of the Wicker Man, the Friday Film Special and Protect and Survive. The decade of retrospectively sinister BBC light entertainment.

Scarfolk manifests itself through a series of graphic designs, created by Littler, that satirise the posters, books and packaging of the 1970s.

Public information campaigns advise the residents of Scarfolk that electricity is being introduced to the water system, or requests that they report “directly” to the quarantine centre.

Now, with two years of online material, Littler has authored the Scarfolk Book “Discovering Scarfolk”. The book tells the tale of Daniel Bush and his search for his missing twin boys, who are lost in the town.

As publisher Ebury Press says, the book “combines uncannily realistic images and surreal storytelling to satirise an era that was far from innocent”.

Discovering Scarfolk, by Richard Littler, is published by Ebury Press priced at £12.99.

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