Fitch creates “indoor village” for Dog’s Trust rehoming centre

Fitch has created a concept for the Dogs Trust’s new rehoming centre in Manchester where families can visit an ”indoor village” environment designed so that they can meet, learn about and train dogs.

Dogs Trust

The new centre has a different feel from the charity’s 20 other rehoming centres around the country, primarily as there is more indoor than outdoor space, and it’s located next to a gym and a supermarket in a large urban area, making it more accessible.

Fitch says it has worked with the Dogs Trust to develop ideas around making the centre “more impactful, engaging and efficient” while showing what the charity does in the wider community and throughout the rehoming network.

Dogs Trust

The space has been designed so that it can foster a “warm atmosphere” with a  “village feel” which “brings the outside in” according to Fitch.

There is space for training sessions and demonstrations of how to improve your pet’s behaviour.

Dogs Trust

Visitors will also be able to learn more about different breeds and their responsibilities as dog owners.

Dogs Trust

A staffed visitor’s centre is situated at the front of the centre so visitors can be greeted and provided with information and advice. This gives way to a yellow path, heading first to the “village green” where visitors can have consultations with Dogs Trust team members.

Dogs Trust

The “village hall” and “park” are designated for training and interaction, divisible by an adjustable fence used for training demonstrations. A “village shop” sells merchandise, food and “doggy presents”.

Dogs Trust

“The language of a village” imbues the space, which Fitch says will entertain, inform and educate and provide visitors with a joyful experience.

Dogs Trust

Fitch design director Gemma McDonnell says: “With the animals’ welfare front of mind, we have helped create something truly different that not only challenges the negative perceptions associated with the dog rehoming process, but also helps create happy and memorable experiences for both visitors and resident dogs.”

Dogs Trust
Doggy wallpaper created for the centre
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  • Doris January 27, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Money that should have gone on the dogs not the bloody designers!

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