Frost* creates “expandable” identity for Sydney’s Kensington Street

Frost*Design has created the identity for planned Sydney development Kensington Street, which it says is based around the concept of “expandable experiences”.

Kensington Street is a proposed mixed-used development featuring retail, music, food and other activities. It will include a surviving row of terraced housing.

Appointed by developer Dr Stanley Quek, Frost* developed the name and branding for the development – choosing to retain the original street name to “create a strong link with heritage”.


Frost* says the identity is based around the letter “K” and the visual identity of the street.


Frost*collective chief executive Vince Frost says: “The brand needed to be adaptable, speaking to the various experiences and offerings Kensington Street will deliver visitors.”


Frost* has also created a “vision piece” sales tool, which uses existing elevations of the area to suggest what the final development might look like.

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