Industry and Noma Bar work on conveyancing branding

Consultancy Industry has worked with illustrator Noma Bar to create the name and identity for new conveyancing service Veyo, which aims to simplify the process of selling a home.

Veyo is a joint venture between the Law Society and IT specialist Mastek. It is designed to bring together all the processes, checks and documentation prepared and undertaken by solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the sale and purchase of residential properties.

The name Veyo is derived from the Latin for “convey”. Sholto Lindsay-Smith, strategy director at Industry, says: “[The name] has the advantage of being short, easy to pronounce and easy to Google.”

Industry worked with Noma Bar to create the identity and graphics. The main identity features a hare which can also have a house for an eye and a computer mouse featured on its flank.

James Packer, creative director at Industry, says: “The hare logo represents the speed and efficiency delivered by the service and is intended to be instantly recognisable from an app, to a window sticker on a solicitor’s high street office.”

The Veyo service will be based around a web portal, which is set to launch to the public next spring. A consumer app, also set to launch next year, will offer consumers a way to monitor the progress of their house sales or purchases and it will show the status of each property transaction in the housing chain.

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