Tattooists replacing travel agents on UK high street, research shows

British high streets are becoming dominated by shops where the customer actually needs to be there in person, with tattooists driving out travel agents, according to new research.


Source: Maxwell Hamilton

The Experian Goad data shows that over the past ten years, certain types of retailers have taken their business away from the high street to online or out-of-town malls.

The data shows that the number of video rental stores has dropped by 98 per cent in the past decade, with the number of film developers dropping by 70 per cent and travel agents falling by 46 per cent.

By contrast, the number of tattoo parlours has risen by 173 per cent, while health clubs are up by 114 per cent.

Experian Marketing Services senior consultant Richard Jenkings says: “The influence of big shopping malls and the growth of online shopping is evident, as the number of travel and fashion retailers (among others) on our high streets has fallen.”

He adds: “There has also been a noticeable rise in the number of convenience stores, suggesting time-pressured consumers are increasingly expecting the high street to play a different role, providing services that can exist as a complementary offering alongside internet shopping.

“At the same time, we have seen a clear expansion in the number of retailers where the customer actually needs to be there in person to enjoy the experience, such as café’s, health clubs and even tattooists.” 

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