The Council implements new digital strategy for BAFTA

The Council has helped the British Academy of Film and Television Arts implement a new digital strategy by designing a website, which it hopes will help the organisation better communicate with its diverse audiences.

The four year project was initiated as BAFTA – which is a charity supporting, promoting and developing moving image arts – wanted to help the public access “the very best creative work” more easily it says.

Jeff Conrad, managing director at The Council, says the new site  “embraces the audience vernacular ‘BAFTA’” and also makes more of the BAFTA mask, which has become the “hero mark of endorsement”.

Conrad says on the new site the mask will act as a shortcut for the brand and can stand alone without appearing next to either the acronym or the full brand name.

Brand guidelines have also been created for BAFTA productions so that international broadcasters know how best to use the BAFTA brand according to Conrad, who says it shows you “how to interpret the BAFTA brand within a broad framework”.

New content channels and sub brands have been created to communicate more effectively with everyone in the UK and deliver BAFTA’s mission to support film, television and games. This includes identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the public.

BAFTA Guru is a new brand, which has been aimed for career starters and offers advice and support.

The BAFTA Young Games Designers brand has been redesigned to ensure BAFTA can engage with 12-16 year-olds through an appropriate tone of voice according to Conrad.  

BAFTA’s Awards database has been rebuilt and is now adaptive so will work across all platforms.

BAFTA 195, the headquarters of the academy and a commercial space has been positioned online as “a leading hospitality and event space” while still recognising that the building is the home of BAFTA.

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