Opinions on Interiors

It has been pretty quiet on the interiors front for the past few years, with the property and retail worlds both in decline. But adversity hasn’t stopped interior and retail designers becoming ever more ingenious, often making the best out of very little to create new offers for consumers and enhancing experiences in the workplace.

In Design Week’s first Opinions on Interiors, Emily Pacey identifies some of the key overall trends. Her broad-brush piece provides a backdrop to more focused studies on privacy in the workplace, surface finishes and environmental graphics, where we include an overview by a specialist commentator for each topic alongside an opinion expressed by a service provider or manufacturer in the field.

We hope their observations provide useful insight into interiors trends as the markets, hopefully, gain in strength. They show that good ideas yield great, workable results regardless of the economic climate.

Lynda Relph-Knight Editor, Design Week

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