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All our faves

Heroes come in all shapes and forms, from a humble plastic lemon to exquisite spirit bottles. We ask a range of industry professionals about their all-time favourites – packs that just can’t be bettered


Between the lines

With their samey designs offering little or no distinction from their competitors, the majority of retailers prefer to play it safe when it comes to the packaging design of their own-brand products. Paul King considers the key trends and issues threatening creativity, and sings the praise of challenger brands shaking up conventional thinking


Packaging & Branding

In business terms, packaging and branding are the backbone of design as we define it. Even in the toughest economic climate, both prevail as clients still need to promote their goods and services. It’s often more a question of reduced budgets than reduced workloads. What isn’t usually so evident is the importance of packaging in […]


Complete package

Innovations in packaging design and manufacturing are increasingly helping brands to stand out from the crowd. David Benady looks at some of the latest developments

Building blocks

A good relationship between design groups and their clients is crucial for producing successful work. Design Week asks a selection of design buyers what the key elements of good packaging and branding design are


Ahead of the pack

Packaging is an important part of the branding mix and the dominant fee-earner for design groups claiming expertise in this area. Lynda Relph-Knight analyses the financial performance of the Top 30-ranking independent packaging and branding groups by fee-income. Research by Suzanne Hinchliffe


Mark of creativity

It may bear little resemblance to the Top 30 branding and packaging groups ranked according to business success, but the groups in the creative
chart have won a raft of awards for their outstanding branding and packaging work, says Lynda Relph-Knight. Research by Suzanne Hinchliffe

Running up that hill

Packaging and branding must be among the most resilient markets for design. Whatever horrors the economic downturn has wrought elsewhere, judging by Design Week’s news pages commissions keep on coming. One of our observations on the branding front though is that for the past couple of years work has tended to be for smaller client […]

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