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From Giacomo Brunelli’s series The Animals

Coming full circle

Many serious photographers are forsaking the instant, glossy charm of digital, returning to the subtlety and unpredictability of film, be it large-format or classic 35mm. John Stones admires the results of this backlash against manipulation and convenience.

Pick ‘n’ mix

There are more techniques than ever to choose from when developing your style. Yolanda Zappaterra hears how current MA students up and down the country make the most of the technologies available to them.

An image showing the construction of the CMS detector for Cern

Motion Studies

Reports of still photography being dead may be premature, but the rise in video photography over the past couple of years, largely driven by technological change, is truly breathtaking. Gareth Gardner marvels at what has become possible

Empty Oval

Ethereal beauty

Success has given Richard Learoyd the chance to leave commissioned work behind and cross over into the art world. Clare Dowdy profiles a photographer experimenting with camera obscura to create stunning results

Photography & Image

Digital technology has turned photography on its head. With just about every mobile device containing a camera of some quality, ordinary folk now have image-making at their fingertips and the results abound on social media sites across the globe. Many photographers have cashed in on this, bringing their own eye to photographic art. But as […]

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