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The design industry is somewhat averse to creative professional development, if recent surveys are anything to go by. The reluctance among design consultancies to commit to training in any formal way is puzzling – especially since lack of time and money is not necessarily cited as the main reason.

But with the continually rising demand for top-notch talent in interaction and digital, and recession-driven restructuring and cutbacks, getting the most out of staff – as well as keeping them inspired, motivated and loyal – is vital.

From Landor developing a new digital innovation group in-house, to coaching, mentoring and improving transferable skills at Tangerine, many groups have indeed recognised the importance of nurturing expertise and talent.

Design clients, meanwhile, often look for less tangible skills, with an emphasis on team play and client service, as well as creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Training programmes such as the D&AD’s Workout sessions are popular, and a wealth of conferences and talks offer informal inspiration. So there is plenty of incentive to embrace training and development – whether you’re a global design group or a freelance individual.

Anna Richardson
Supplement editor

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