Paper talk

Design Week asked a selection of top-level art directors which recent printed publications have particularly impressed them. Here we present some of the best – and worst – in current editorial design


My favourite publication has to be The Guardian because it has stuck to its guns since creative editor Mark Porter’s redesign. It is the only one out there where everything has been looked at, where the editorial content and design have been developed together. The other great thing about it is that all the separate sections behave as a complete package without being repetitive. Even the website looks the part; it has recognised that just because it is a digital medium it doesn’t have to be completely different. I’m very fond of G2, with its small, pocket-sized newsprint – light and practical. And the double-page spread photography in the centrefold of the main paper is knockout. The most disappointing paper has to be the Daily Mirror. Under the editorial eye of Hugh Cudlipp (from 1938) it was such a great, campaigning newspaper. It was honest and ballsy with a good use of pictures and strong headlines. Now it has lost its way and it’s just another badly designed tits-and-bums rag.

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