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UK designers hit mainland China

UK designers have been slow to move into mainland China, but this looks set to change as a massive market is opening up. Clare Dowdy explores opportunities for those who are ready to take the plunge beyond Westerners’ traditional foothold, Hong Kong ‘Our goal is the transition from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”.’ […]

International retail: An overview

We Brits like to think of ourselves as the masters of retail, magicking the best –meaning the most commercial – formats around the world. But you can find innovation in unexpected corners. These locally designed places often have something very specific to their surroundings about them in the concept or the design. For new formats […]

Taking a stand

More and more retailers are committed to reducing their carbon footprints, tackling the waste generated by point-of-sale activity as well as using environmentally friendly packaging. Matthew Valentine suggests that budgets for displays could actually rise as companies chase the Green pound CONCERN for the environment may start with consumers and be filtered through brands and […]

Fusion culture

If you’re Chinese, you can afford a 1.5 million yuan (£100 000) cognac and a £165 000 truffle while lounging on the world’s most expensive bed. At least you can if the confidence of luxury brands Hennessey and Hastens is anything to go by. Brands such as

Going virtual

On-line shopping will never be quite the sameas the tactile experience of going into a store,but some e-tailers are starting to address this issue.Scott Billings looks at some initiatives that aimto make Internet shopping more enjoyable Talk to designers about retail and you’ll soon come across terms such as ‘theatre’, ‘experience’ and ‘customer journey’. These […]

From rags to relevance

Fashion stores are in the vanguard of the trend to build awareness and relevancy through shop design. Lucy Johnston looks at how some forward-thinking retailers are using space to align their brands with consumers’ changing lifestyles Retail design for fashion has always been very much about letting the clothes do the talking. Fashion is by […]

Supermarkets: An overview

Most retailers survived a steady, but fragile Christmas on a mixture of good products, integrated communication and appropriate value propositions. But it’s been a bleak start to 2008. This continued within the grocery sector, with Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons sniping at each other’s ‘value’ credentials, sometimes using comparison websites to validate their claims. This […]


Retail design

The retail sector is a major consumer of design services, as well as one of the most savvy. All parts of the market, from value to luxury, and across all aspects of the sector – be it interiors, packaging or point-of-sale – understand the value of design and how it can contribute to a brand’s success.

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