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Rising Stars

Any industry is only as good as the new talent coming through and design is no exception. Some of you will remember the dearth of middleweight designers in the wake

Rising stars – Gré Hale

  Gré Hale has always had an interest in lettering and art. ‘My mum tells me I was a prolific imitator of cereal box typography from the age of eight,’

Rising stars – Chris Gray

As Love Creative’s Dave Palmer says, Chris Gray is one of the new generation of designers who have a lot going on outside of work.

Rising stars – Joe Wentworth

Not every fresh graduate can boast that their designs have made it into production or out into the world beyond the graduation show. But Joe Wentworth’s degree projects from his

Rising stars – Andrew Haythornthwaite

Coming from an industrial design dynasty has instilled a distinct approach in Andrew Haythornthwaite. His father is Peter Haythornthwaite, one of New Zealand’s most celebrated industrial designers, and his brothers

Rising stars – Sam Stone

Failing art at school is not necessarily the best way to get into design, but Sam Stone knew better. ‘I wasn’t very good at art, but I knew I enjoyed

Rising stars – Chris O’ Shea

Chris O’Shea has a common problem. When asked to describe his profession, he says, ‘I never know whether I’m an artist or a designer, I fit somewhere between the two.’

Rising Stars – Karsten Schmidt

  Although Karsten Schmidt features in ‘branding’ and some of his work falls loosely in that category, the software developer, designer and artist defies categorisation. ‘I try not to go

Rising stars – Matt Judge

Even though Matt Judge has always liked art, what he really enjoys is restriction. ‘I’ve always liked a brief,’ he explains. ‘That’s what appealed to me and why I took

Rising stars – Aaron Moss

AARON MOSS knows a thing or two about mobile phones.He joined Nokia fresh out of Northumbria University and has worked on numerous handsets since then.

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