Type conference kicks off at St Bride Library

The St Bride Foundation’s non-latin typeface conference, in conjunction with the University of Reading, opens in London and Reading today.

The two-day event comprises of a series of talks at St Bride Library, London EC4, with speakers including head of Asia, Pacific and Africa collections at the British Library Graham Shaw, Victor Gaultney, Thomas Phinney, Nigel Roche and Maxim Zhukov, as well as a practical day session at Reading University.

Participants will work with original documents and artefacts from both institutes’ collections, overseen by Dr Martin Dodds, principal examiner for Urdu, Cambridge International Exams, Jo de Baerdemaeker, Gerry Leonidas, Thomas Milo and Dr Fiona Ross.

Exhibitions featuring rare and previously unseen material, curated by Dr Ross, will be shown throughout the conference.

For further information, go to http://stbride.org/events_education/events/non-latintypefacedesign.

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