Design Council calls in Dempsey as visual consultant

The Design Council is looking to engage with design buyers on a deeper level, and has consequently appointed Mike Dempsey to consult on its visual communications, branding and design strategy.

The former Master of Royal Designers for Industry, ex-head of graphic design consultancy CDT and Studio Dempsey founder takes up his role today as an external design advisor to the organisation.

Dempsey will focus on providing a ‘surprise element or piece of magic’ in the way that the Design Council communicates with industry on the effectiveness of design.

‘The Design Council delivers a lot of facts and figures, which can be daunting to read,’ says Dempsey.

‘At the moment, the blizzard of information can obliterate the communications aspect, so we will try to introduce some creative relief.’

Although Dempsey will not personally devise any designs, he will consult on all aspects of design at the council, working with its own in-house team and external consultancies.

‘I am to act as a sort of creative prodder, giving advice and suggestions, and will stay as long as I am useful and my presence is needed,’ he says.

Dempsey was appointed last month to spend an initial three years, and about three hours a week, on the project.

His engagement follows meetings with former D&AD colleague and chief executive of the Design Council, David Kester.

Dempsey will also consult on a revamp of the Design Council’s headquarters in London, WC2.

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