Sustainability key concern for Chinese consumers

Sustainability is a key concern among Chinese consumers, according to the findings of the first ever 2008 Image Power Green Brands China Survey.

The survey, by Landor Associates, will form the basis of Landor Associates chief strategy officer Russ Meyer’s keynote speech today at the Fifth China Branding Roundtable, A New Brandscape: The Shape of Things to Come.

Talking to Design Week ahead of his speech, Meyer reveals that the results of this year’s ‘pioneering’ survey were ‘surprising’.

‘We found the Chinese consumer to be very interested in the topic of sustainability,’ claims Meyer. ‘Probably more so than many in the West might have expected.’

‘The changing dynamics of weather and rising fuel prices have got the attention of the Chinese consumer, much like the European and American consumer. In some areas attitudes of the Chinese consumer are ahead of the US and the UK.’

‘The Chinese are ready, willing and interested in Green products: it’s not so much a question of “is there a market?”, but rather “how quickly can companies address the consumer needs for these products?”,’ argues Meyer.

International companies should wake up and pay attention, says Meyer, who believes that brands which focus on sustainability are going to have an important impact on the Chinese markets.

‘For Chinese consumers, increasingly sustainability will be the deciding factor, as opposed to where the brand is from,’ he says, adding, ‘it is going to be an exciting time.’

Marketing and branding experts from around the globe today gather in Beijing to discuss innovative strategies for developing brands and driving customer-led growth.

The Fifth China Branding Roundtable takes place from 18-19 September and will feature leading brand experts from Google, Samsung Electronics and Unilever.

Discussions will be based around the changing nature of the Chinese consumer and their impact on our global ‘brandscape’.

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