Bow Wow International creates exhibition identity

Bow Wow International has designed the identity of MeWecycle, an exhibition hosted by French gallery Colette, which will host the work of several UK designers. 

The London- and Tokyo-based group won the contract on credentials in April and was asked to create a global identity for the exhibition, which will travel internationally.

MeWecycle is a collective of urban cyclists ‘who happen to be designers’, according to Mai Ikuzawa, creative director at Bow Wow International.

Ikuzawa says she was not briefed formally, approaching the project instead by addressing its themes of cycling and promoting recycling.

The logo uses bike chain links instead of arrows in a recycling motif. Ikuzawa explains, ‘I didn’t want to break down the recycling logo and it had to be a global brand identity.’

Secondary brand elements include thumbnail ‘icons’ to illustrate each designer’s work, and posters printed on recycled paper that will be rolled up and placed inside reclaimed inner tubes.

UK designers commissioned for the exhibition include Richard Liddle, who has used recycled plastics, Nick Rawcliffe, whose designs use reclaimed skateboards to make furniture, and Andrew Lang, who uses salvaged picture frames.

Lang says, ‘I’ve illuminated picture frames. It’s a curtain of light which becomes holographic and cancels out shadow to make objects inside appear 3-D. It’s about reclamation and reappropriation.’

The exhibition opens today at Colette, Paris, and will run until 20 June.

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