D4R in point-of-sale lingerie work

Leicestershire-based retail design consultancy D4R has created new point-of-sale displays for lingerie brands Triumph and Sloggi.

D4R has been working on the project for around six months, and has worked with brand owner Triumph International since the consultancy was formed about five years ago, according to director Tim Howitt.

Large gondolas and specially designed hang-sell units have been created, and the consultancy has also designed complementary brand walls.

Howitt says the key design element was flexibility, adding, ‘The solution had to be cost-effective, quick and part of a rolling programme.’

Howitt says the consultancy is now in the sixth phase of its brand wall design, a concept it has been working on since it started working with Triumph.

The new displays will be appearing in more than 100 stores nationwide this autumn.

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