Dew Gibbons rebrands Spanish cosmetics firm

Dew Gibbons has rebranded Spanish cosmetics manufacturer Maymó.

The revamped Maymó website goes live this week and the new brand will be officially launched later in the month.

The London-based consultancy was awarded the contract in April ahead of several Spanish rivals.

Under the strapline House of Colour, Dew Gibbons hopes to update the family run company’s global image.

Design director Nick Vaus says, ‘We were keen to keep the boutique, family feel, but present it in a more contemporary context.’

Vaus believes the House of Colour strapline, with the copy ‘If life is colour, live it to the full’, reflects the company’s pride in colour-matching. He also hopes it will reposition the company closer to European fashion houses.

The products will now be marketed with a monogram M, punctuated by a ‘beauty spot’ which will change to reflect the latest colour trends.

Maymó is a business-to-business operation, and Sarah Tyce, account director at Dew Gibbons, believes its attention to branding will put it ‘miles ahead of its competitors’.

‘It’s a shift in perception, but we’ve basically approached it like a retail operation, so it’s been a really interesting exercise’, she said.

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