Dott unveils new website and showcase projects

Designs of the Time Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is launching a website today to engage people in the region with the programme, and is set to unveil two showcase projects.

The website, called Dott Shots, will allow people to upload photographs of Dott projects and other designs that have inspired them, such as the Jubilee Pool in Penzance.

Dott programme director Andrea Siodmok describes it as ‘totally open-source’, adding that it will act as a ‘dashboard’ for Dott activities.
The site is being produced by digital consultancy Sea, based in Penryn, which is on Dott’s roster of design producers, along with Falmouth-based consultancy Gendall, which is on Dott’s designers panel.

The Dott Shots site breaks down into four sections – lives, designs, places and talent – to which people can upload photographs and win prizes.

Kathryn Woolf, co-director of Sea, says the consultancy has been working on the site for around six weeks, having been appointed directly from the roster. She explains, ‘The site is a way of showcasing what Dott is and what it’s all about.’

Siodmok says details are also being finalised on two showcase Dott projects, both of which will deal with sustainability. She adds that both initiatives, one of which focuses on transport issues, will tie into major national policies on sustainability and carbon reduction, while also linking into grassroots community efforts.

Dott has also made five more appointments to its list of design producers. The five are: Matt Hocking, of St Austell-based Leap Media; Ian Worley of Arkh; Ben Reason, from service design consultancy Live Work; Re Dubhthaigh, founder of design-led management consultancy Radar Station; and Oliver King, founder of service design consultancy Engine. As well as Sea, the roster also includes Deborah Szebeko of Think Public, Martin Bontoft, formerly of Ideo, and Bas Raijmakers from Design Academy Eindhoven. Two more design producers are set to be added to the roster.

Dott projects so far

  • Three new skills projects are now up and running or set to launch – a skills project to help older people get back into work, an eco-design challenge and a hothouse project to help youngsters develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Two showcase projects are set to be unveiled. Both will focus on sustainability, and one will look at transport
  • The website Dott Shots, which allows members of the public to upload their photographs of Dott projects or design inspiration, goes live today

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