European Design Day to be celebrated

The Bureau of European Design Associations will celebrate its lobbying achievements on 1 October, which BEDA has named European Design Day.

The inaugural day, which will become an annual fixture, is intended to highlight design as an important innovation tool for European industry.

‘Design is rapidly becoming an integral part of European innovation thinking,’ claims BEDA president Jan Stavik.

European Design Day will this year celebrate the publication of a European Union consultation document identifying design as helping ‘companies that invest in design… to be more innovative, more profitable and grow faster than those that do not’.

The document, which was published this summer, is a milestone in BEDA’s long-running campaign to persuade the European Commission to include design on the innovation agenda.

However, Stavik believes that there is a long way to go before the level of design knowledge is consistent across the various European countries.

‘Tough times, pressure on prices and greater competition from other parts of the world mean Europe needs all the advantages it can get in the battle to stay ahead,’ says Stavik.

The Design Council has welcomed the introduction of a dedicated European Design Day, and is calling on European nations to work more closely to share information on their design industries.

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