Holmes Wood brands cystic fibrosis charity

Holmes Wood is branding a new cystic fibrosis research charity co-founded by the consultancy’s director, Lucy Holmes.

Holmes set up the charity, called Bounce, with friends whose families have been affected by cystic fibrosis.

Kristian Teleki, a trustee of the group, whose son was born with the condition, says the name Bounce is ‘fun, uplifting and appeals to all ages’.

‘We were keen to avoid anything too morbid,’ he adds.

The logo and name also reflect the treatments used to manage the genetic condition.

‘Physiotherapy is vital, and dancing is particularly effective – we wanted to capture that,’ says Holmes.

‘Patients also need a fat-heavy diet as they struggle to absorb nutrients, so we went for a fat, healthy typeface,’ she adds.

The charity launches on 3 October with a fund-raising walk in the Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury.

The logo will appear on T-shirts at the launch, and Bounce is exploring ways of raising awareness and cash before a charity auction, chaired by TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, planned for next September.

The charity hopes to use the money to fund research into improving and extending the lives of those with the condition.

‘The Cystic Fibrosis Trust puts most of its money into gene therapy, which could be great for the future, but is not good for people who currently have the disease,’ explains Holmes.

The pro bono project was the first branding of a charity carried out by Holmes Wood.

‘We’re lucky – we have the chance to do free work at our studio if we want to,’ says Holmes.

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