Together creates Mothercare maternity brand

Together Design has created the branding for Mothercare’s new maternity collection M2b, which the retailer hopes will allow it to compete with maternity fashion offers from mainstream high street shops such as Topshop.

Mothercare appointed the consultancy in September last year following a competitive credentials pitch. It has also worked with Together on other projects, including the feeding range in April.

Together designed the marque and style guide for M2b, which replaces existing maternity brand Moda. Lewis Moberly branded Mothercare’s first sub-branded fashionwear line Moda about four years ago, according to Mothercare packaging and brand manager John Savern.

‘While Moda was a step in the right direction, our customers still wouldn’t use us in the same sentence as Topshop, Next or H&M, so we felt the need to reposition so that customers take a second look at us,’ says Savern.

‘We were briefed to create a sub-brand that’s clearly Mothercare, but is also its own thing. Everyone expects Mothercare to get the details right, because it knows about parenthood. But M2b also has the attitude of a high-street fashion brand,’ says Katja Thielen, creative director at Together Design.

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