Bank prepared to spend a penny?

As one who’s constantly banging on to designers about the importance of sharing experiences and getting your opinions across, I was particularly heartened by a tale involving a letter in the national press this week.

Peezy from Funnely Enough
Peezy from Funnely Enough

Exasperated by unnecessarily difficult dealings with her bank over the Peezy – a device to make it easier for women to give urine samples mid-flow she developed with her GP brother Vincent –  Giovanna Forte hit the keyboard and pinged a letter over to the Financial Times.

‘Help – is there a bank willing to work with us?’ was the gist of the missive that went up on the newspaper’s website on Bank Holiday Monday.  ‘Sure’ was the speedy response from established healthcare entrepreneurs, who while not offering banking services are prepared to make introductions to its clients in the urology field and to their own financial providers.

To top it all, today Forte received a message from a director the offending bank, the RBS, saying it was taking the matter very seriously and asking to meet.

So it looks like the Peezy, Best of Show winner of the Design Week Awards in 2009, will make it through to another round of discussions with NHS and private medical folk. We bet though that Steve Jobs didn’t have this kind of financial wrangling with the development of the MacBook Air, beaten into second place by the Peezy in the awards last year.

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