Corporation Pop creates Goldfrapp pinball app

Corporation Pop has created an iPhone app for band Goldfrapp, which allows users to remix Goldfrapp’s music using a 3D pinball game.

The app features samples from Goldfrapp’s latest album Head First. Users can play pinball using the touchscreen, and when the ball touches objects on the screen it triggers individual samples. Clouds occasionally obscure the screen to make game play more challenging.

Dom Raban, managing director at Corporation Pop, says, ‘In testing it’s been really rewarding watching people play as they shake the phone to get rid of the clouds or try tilting it to influence the direction of the ball. The real bonus comes when they trigger a vocal sample which mixes beautifully over the backing track.’

Corporation Pop was appointed to the work as part of an ongoing relationship with Goldfrapp’s label Mute. The consultancy has previously worked on website design for Mute act Richard Hawley.

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