Dixon Baxi creates identity for TV channel Diva Universal

Dixon Baxi has created the on-screen identity of Universal Networks International channel Diva Universal.

The project is the latest in a raft of channel brands created by the consultancy for the broadcaster which has already relaunched its Studio Universal and 13th Street channels.

Appointed in 2009, Dixon Baxi beat ‘upwards of six consultancies’ in a credentials pitch to work on the three channels, according to consultancy director Aporva Baxi.

Heavenly, which last year repositioned the broadcaster from NBC Universal, designed static black and white idents for the channels, says Baxi, who was tasked with creating an ‘on-air look’ for the brands and commissioned We Are Seventeen to produce the channel ident.

‘The key was to bring to life the attitude and tone of voice’ says Baxi, who has applied text to programme trailers as a device to ‘allow the channel to comment on and have opinions about the shows’.

A grey palette has been complemented with aubergine and neon highlights ‘to show attitude’, Baxi says.

Avoiding stereotypical signifiers ‘like nail polish or lipstick’, Baxi says he has tried to create a brand that will have some appeal to men.

‘It’s still slightly female-skewed but boyfriends would be comfortable with the amount of attitude and energy being expressed,’ he adds.

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