Gardens of delight

Prince Charles has opened the Clarence House gardens to the public to promote sustainability and consultancy Interact 20/20 has created a series of oversize installations for event sponsor B&Q.

Garden Party to Make A Difference will run until 19 September and aims to educate the public about waste and promote sustainable living.

Interact 20/20 has sought to create towering experiential installations to demonstrate these issues as figurative symbols.

Visitors can interact with what is claimed to be the world’s largest shower head, which cascades droplets of water to spell out messages, a paint can sculpture teaching people the benefits of using recycled paint and a giant piggy bank designed to ‘remind us all that being Green saves us cash’, according to Interact 20/20. 

Patrick Donovan, managing director of Interact 20/20, says the consultancy has taken a ‘message-led fun approach to what is essentially a very serious issue’.

 ‘We’re confident the visual impact of the installations will attract people and make them want to find out more about the projects they can do at home to lead Greener lives and save money too,’ he says.

The garden party, which also sprawls across Lancaster House and Marlborough House, is expecting 100 000 visitors including Wayne Hemmingway and Vivienne Westwood.

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